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Letters To The Editor: Endorsing Lea Webb; Deirdre Silverman

By: Deirdre Silverman, Ithaca

Printed: Ithaca Times /

I am writing in support of State Senate candidate Lea Webb. Earlier this year, I attended a campaign event for Lea. I was intrigued by the endorsements she was receiving from so many local political leaders—Assemblywoman Anna Kelles, her predecessor Barbara Lifton, former Tompkins County Legislature Chairs Martha Robertson and Leslyn McBean-Clairborne—and more, despite the presence of a well-known local candidate in the primary.

Lea’s endorsers spoke about her proven policy and leadership experience, gained in her eight years on the Binghamton City Council. She understands first-hand the challenges that so many people face in the Southern Tier and Finger Lakes. She also has an activist and legislative track record supporting public housing, food justice and access to health care. Lea was a leader in the fight against fracking in Broome County. She has won elections and increased voter turnout. Most significantly, these current and former legislators spoke about the importance of working cooperatively with other legislators to accomplish common goals. They felt that Lea was the candidate who understood how to do this and had put it into practice as an elected official.

I first heard of Lea from my daughter, a community organizer in the Hudson Valley who was really impressed by Lea’s work with Citizen Action. My daughter has been contributing to Lea’s campaign, as have others from around the state who know and value her work, and realize that we all benefit from having smart, progressive State Senators, no matter what district they represent. I myself have solicited donations to Lea’s campaign from people in other districts. Some have suggested that donations from out-of-district people show that Lea doesn’t have local support. One need only travel around Ithaca and see the yard signs to realize that isn’t true.

I hope you will join me in voting for Lea Webb in the Democratic Primary on August 23rd.

August 9th, 2022


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