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Letters To The Editor: Endorsement of Lea Webb; Stacey Dimas & Leslyn McBean-Clairborne

By: Stacey Dimas & Leslyn McBean-Clairborne

Printed: Ithaca Voice

We support Lea Webb in the Democratic primary for State Senate because she is a tireless educator, advocate, and public servant. She was the first Black woman elected to City Council in Binghamton where she served for 8 years passing legislation, building bridges, and lifting up her community.

Experience matters. During the 8 years she served on Binghamton’s City Council, Lea passed laws to permit the creation of more green spaces and community farms in the city. She addressed food insecurity by collaborating with local partners to bring a farmers market and fresh foods to a local food desert. She worked with her local NAACP chapter to establish a youth job training program and spearheaded a re-entry task force to ensure job training for incarcerated people returning to the community. She connected people with programs to remove lead from their homes and organized a pediatric clinic to make sure underserved residents got the care they needed for their children.

Representation matters. We want a representative in Albany with lived experience to see all of the problems facing our community. Too many of our neighbors are living in poverty, worried about keeping their housing, struggling to afford food and medication. Lea understands these struggles and will work hard in Albany to pass legislation to support our families and to deliver state funding to strengthen our community. Lea is not just about C-Suite representation, she is also about knowing what it feels like to be in the trenches doing the actual work and her record as an elected official proves it.

As Black and Latinx women, we need you to know how much representation matters to us, to our children, and to our community. Let’s send a strong, experienced, accomplished Black woman to Albany to be our next State Senator. We hope you will join us in voting for Lea Webb in the August primary.


Leslyn McBean-Clairborne, former 20-year member and Chairwoman of Tompkins County Legislature

Stacey Dimas, First Vice-Chair of the Tompkins County Democratic Committee

July 11th 2022


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