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Letters To The Editor: Working Families Party Endorses Lea Webb

By: Stephanie Heslop

Printed: Tompkins Weekly

The New York Working Families Party wholeheartedly endorses Lea Webb for NYS Senate. Lea has done more than talk a good game: she has solid accomplishments that demonstrate her commitment to issues affecting workers and families.

She strengthened Binghamton property laws to protect tenants from absentee landlord abuses and property neglect, and worked on programs to remove lead from people’s homes. She led the fight to create quality affordable housing, helping to secure funding to restore 40 run-down properties and build 40 new affordable housing units.

She has fought for years for affordable healthcare for all, worked with stakeholders to stop the privatization of Broome County nursing homes, and helped bring a pediatric health clinic to underserved residents.

Lea is from a union family, is a proud union member, and she stands with workers. She fought for equal pay legislation and for labor agreements on city contracts. She helped transit workers stop cuts to vital bus routes and has walked many picket lines.

Ithaca is the first city in the country to have all of its corporate Starbucks stores unionized — something we should all be proud of! — and Lea is the only candidate in the race who’s shown up for the workers as they fought to unionize and subsequently faced an illegal store closure, the firing of an outspoken union leader, and other anti-union tactics.

NYWFP believes that talk is cheap. We support Lea Webb because her record shows she walks the walk for working families.

Stephanie Heslop Chair, Tompkins WFP Member, NYWFP State Committee

August 17th, 2022


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