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Letters To The Editor: Endorsing Lea Webb; Nina Miller

By: Nina Miller

Printed: Ithaca Times /

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Lea Webb and came away from that encounter with great enthusiasm for her candidacy for State Senate. Lea is a different kind of candidate--she's a public servant, not a politician. She is deeply concerned with the needs of people in the district and in the state and focuses her energy on promoting solutions to those needs, rather than self-promotion. In addition to serving eight years on the Binghamton City Council (the first Black person ever to serve) she worked for Citizen Action promoting health care for all, and has been a leader with Vote Run Lead, training women around the country to run for elected office. We need to elect a highly qualified candidate with experience and the ability to understand the complexity of voters' lives. As someone who worked for many years in human service organizations, including as executive director of Hospicare and Suicide Prevention and Interim Director of PlannedParenthood, I am especially enthusiastic about Lea Webb's humanitarian background and commitment. It's important to note that Lea has been endorsed by assembly member Dr. Anna Kelles as well as Senator Rachel May from Syracuse. I am confident that Lea will make a superb member of that team to represent our regional interests in Albany.

Wednesday, July 13th 2022


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