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Letters To The Editor: Endorsing Lea Webb; Jeff Furman & Sara Hess

By: Jeff Furman & Sara Hess

Printed: Ithaca Times /

After many years, Tompkins County could finally have a strong, progressive Democrat to represent us in the NY Senate. Lea Webb is endorsed by the Working Families Party, over 20 local elected officials, SEIU Union, Cornell Democrats, Cortland Democratic Committee, and many more.

Lea has a proven record. She served 8 years on the Binghamton City Council, the first African American ever elected to that body. She demonstrated energy, organizing skills and a deep commitment to labor and social justice issues, leading the fight to pass equal pay for women, working with the Broome Tioga NAACP, and consistently supporting labor. She also led the fight to ban fracking in Binghamton. Winning elections twice, she left the City Council only because of term limits. Lea currently works at SUNY Binghamton.

Who else is supporting her election? An impressive list, including Barbara Lifton, Anna Kelles, Martha Robertson, Irene Stein, Ducson Nguyen, Svante Myrick, and many others. Check out the list on her website:

We have had the pleasure of meeting Lea several times over the past few months. Her dedication, experience and values are just what we need in Albany.

Lea has what it takes to rock the New York Senate.

Wednesday, July 20th 2022


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