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Letters To The Editor: Dr. Ammitai Worob - Vote Lea Webb for NYS Senate

By: Dr. Ammitai Worob

Printed: Tompkins Weekly

“Freedom makes a huge requirement of every human being. With freedom comes responsibility,” wrote Eleanor Roosevelt, namesake of Eleanor’s Legacy, which along with Planned Parenthood Empire State Votes and other national organizations have endorsed Lea Webb for State Senate in our 52nd district.

Here in New York State we enjoy freedoms that are rapidly being stripped away from our friends, family, and neighbors in other states. Most recently, freedom of bodily autonomy and the ability to seek basic healthcare.

In this State Senate campaign I’ve had the privilege of getting to know Lea Webb and Leslie Danks Burke. I have a tremendous amount of affection and admiration for each of these strong leaders. Both candidates are ardent supporters of protecting reproductive health, and are fighting for Democratic principles.

However, Eleanor’s Legacy and Planned Parenthood Empire State Votes chose to endorse Lea Webb for the same reasons that Lea has been endorsed by New York State legislators in both the Senate and Assembly, by former mayors of Ithaca and Binghamton, by current and former city council members, town board members and county legislators, by labor unions and college student groups, and also why I endorsed Lea when I withdrew my candidacy for this seat in March of this year.

Lea Webb has an 8 year track record as a legislator in fighting for health care access, as an environmental champion, an ardent advocate for affordable and accessible housing, and simply put — having stepped up to represent those residents who have the least access and the most need. Lea is the candidate who combines her legislative experience with a forward thinking agenda of how to improve the lives of everyone in this district and New York State.

Lea Webb has built a groundswell of support that is tremendously diverse, and continues to grow in momentum. She has brought together a coalition of community leaders across the newly formed district, which will be necessary in winning what will be an extremely challenging general election in this difficult mid-term year.

Lea will be a powerful leader for our state. We are living in extremely challenging times, and with these challenges come opportunities for leaders like Lea Webb to step forward.

With the freedoms we enjoy, a most basic responsibility is not only to vote for those candidates who will represent us and our communities best, but also to empower our neighbors to do the same. Early voting is happening between August 13th-21st, and primary (and also an important special election) day is on August 23rd.

After so many years of non-representation from our State Senator in this district, I hope you’ll join me in both going to the polls with a friend who might not otherwise have voted, and voting for Lea Webb for State Senate.

Ammitai Worob Former Candidate for New York State Senate Ithaca, NY


August 17th, 2022

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