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WSKG: Lea Webb Wins Democratic Primary in 52nd state Senate District

Lea Webb will advance to the general election in the race to represent Ithaca, Binghamton and Cortland in New York’s 52nd state Senate District.

Webb, a former Binghamton council member, defeated Ithaca lawyer and political action committee founder Leslie Danks Burke in the Democratic primary for the district by over 20 points.

Webb won in all three counties in the district — Broome, Tompkins and Cortland. But the candidates each saw their best performance in their home counties — Tompkins for Danks Burke and Broome for Webb.

“Now, more than ever, we need leaders that not only understand, but are willing to fight for and alongside working families, and who also have a track record of doing it,” Webb said, during a stop outside a poll site on Ithaca’s South Side.

Democrats have a significant voter enrollment advantage in the district. But Webb said she thinks many of her key priorities will resonate across the political spectrum.

“We have a lot more in common across the district than folks may realize,” Webb said. “Key issues like housing, having good paying jobs that allow us to thrive, access to quality, affordable health care.”

Lea Webb will go on to face fellow Binghamton resident and former mayor, Rich David in November. David ran unopposed for the Republican nomination.

August 24, 2022


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