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Ithaca Voice: Worob Drops Out of State Senate Race, Endorses Lea Webb for Democratic Nomination

ITHACA, N.Y.—The field for the Democratic nomination for State Senate District 53 has shrunk by one, as Ithaca chiropractor Dr. Ammitai Worob has announced the end of his campaign.

Worob’s departure leaves former Binghamton City Council member Lea Webb and political organizer and lawyer Leslie Danks Burke still in contention for the Democratic nomination. In his campaign suspension announcement, Worob endorsed Webb for the nomination.

“Anytime a political candidate falls short of their original hope and vision, it is a hard and disappointing reality to accept,” Worob said. “That is true with my decision to end my candidacy and withdraw from this race.”

While his campaign had struggled to gain much headway as endorsements have poured in for both Webb and Danks Burke, Worob was able to participate in a voters forum last month in which he drew attention to affordable healthcare access, specifically the New York Health Act.

Worob committed to staying active in voter registration and “supporting candidates who will fight for the same principles that I have been fighting for.” Namely, he said that includes affordable health care access, lower property taxes, housing availability and “family-sustaining local job” creation, as well as criminal justice reform.

Following that, Worob said that his time in the race has given him the opportunity to know both Webb and Danks Burke, and has given him an appreciation for both. But he said that he believes the support for Webb will be enough to propel her to victory in the district, which is being challenged by at least one Republican—Rich David, Binghamton’s mayor.

“I am leaving the race proud of the campaign I have run, and proud to support Lea, knowing that she will continue to work tirelessly in her representation and advocacy for our district,” Worob said. “She will be a powerful leader for our state. We are living in extremely challenging times, and with these challenges come opportunities for leaders to step forward.”



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