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Vote May 17th for Our Children's Future


May 17, 2022 is an important day. We have an opportunity to demonstrate strong support for students in public schools across our communities and region by voting. What a statement it would make if the turnout in school district budget votes and school board elections increased this year!

Let me tell you why I strongly believe that support for public schools matters. My parents knew that having a good education was essential, so I was raised to value lifelong learning. As a proud graduate of public schools, I benefited from teachers who encouraged my goals for making an impact on my community, by opening my eyes to challenges and opportunities. They often did so without any expectations of rewards or recognition, because they believed that public schools are places where fairness and justice should be valued, and that every student mattered.

Throughout my life, I have reflected on how education has impacted my career choices and my public service advocacy. Today, as an educator at Binghamton University who develops programs for faculty, staff, and students on diversity, equity, and inclusion, I remember myself as a young girl. I believed in my ability to make change because I was told and encouraged to never give up. We can ensure that all children have the best possible pathways to success by investing in our public schools with our votes on May 17.

Together we can build strong communities and strong leaders. We can advocate that our schools be places where respect for learning, teachers, students, and parents is essential. Where regardless of zip code, our schools provide high quality public educational opportunities, promote well-being, and full access to programs and extracurricular activities. We can resolve to make our schools the best they can be, by inspiring the next generation's resolve and passion to make our world a better place. We can meet our responsibilities as community members by choosing to vote on May 17th.



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