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Letters To The Editor: Endorsing Lea Webb; Dan Lamb

By: Dan Lamb

Printed: Tompkins Weekly

I am excited that Lea Webb is running to represent us in the New York State Senate. Lea is a true progressive whom I’ve worked with and admired for nearly 20 years. She is a champion for working families and our best bet to break the GOP’s grip on this Southern Tier district.

As district representative for Congressman Maurice Hinchey, I worked with Lea on many occasions. During her eight years on Binghamton City Council, she fought to expand affordable housing, improve access to health care for low-income families, prevent the privatization of nursing homes, and ban fracking.

Lea advanced essential projects that improved people’s lives, particularly those living on the margins of our society. She is a gifted organizer, communicator, and community leader. After hearing her speak at a community event, I remember Maurice telling me, “She is impressive.” Indeed, she is.

Lea is ready to take her work to the next level. We know where she’s going because she has shown us her priorities. She has served in office and has a record of success. For these and many other reasons, I strongly endorse Lea Webb. Please join me in voting for her in the August Democratic primary.

Dan Lamb Freeville

July 13th, 2022


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