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Labor Day Thoughts

Dear Friends,

As a proud union member and the daughter of two union members, Labor Day has special meaning in my family. Like many of you, I will gather today with friends and family for some good food, conversation, and the chance to recharge. This Labor Day, I will also reflect upon the inspiring efforts of workers—both here in our district and across the country—to form unions and collectively bargain.

Workers are the backbone of our economy and essential to our recovery from the pandemic. The past few years have been especially difficult for women, who often serve as caretakers for our children and elders, and who have been pushed out of the workforce in historic numbers. It is critical that we ensure every New Yorker is paid a fair wage and has access to affordable healthcare and childcare, so that we can provide folks with a path back to the workforce.

Today we celebrate and tomorrow we return to the fight with renewed energy.

With gratitude,


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