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Ithaca Voice: Slew of Tompkins County Elected Officials Endorse Lea Webb in State Senate Race

TOMPKINS COUNTY, N.Y.—Endorsements for two of the three Democratic New York State Senate District 53 candidates keep lining up, with a large new batch arriving for former Binghamton City Council member Lea Webb.

Webb, who announced her candidacy in joint Binghamton and Ithaca appearances in December, received the endorsement of 21 elected officials throughout Tompkins County according to a press release last week. She had previously received support from other notable officials, including former Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick while he was still in office.

Webb is facing Leslie Danks Burke and Dr. Ammitai Worob, all of whom are seeking the Democratic nomination for the newly-drawn State Senate seat. Before redistricting, Ithaca was represented by Republican State Senator Tom O’Mara, in the 58th State Senate District.

“I am so thankful to all of the Tompkins County leaders who have endorsed me today,” Webb said in the announcement. “From day one, I have prioritized coalition-building and bringing rural, suburban and rural committees together and I think this latest slate of endorsements is a clear example of that. I plan to be a representative in Albany who will advocate for Central New York and the Southern Tier residents – all of them, and in doing so, become a reliable and strong partner with my colleagues at all levels of government.”

The full list of endorsers is as follows:

  • Emily Adams, Democratic Party State Committeewoman

  • Jim Dennis, Former Councilmember (Ithaca) and Tompkins County Legislator

  • Anne Koreman, Tompkins County Legislator (Ulysses and Enfield)

  • Leslyn McBean-Clairbome, Former Tompkins County Legislature Chair (Ithaca)

  • Greg Mezey, Tompkins County Legislator (Dryden)

  • Veronica Pillar, Tompkins County Legislator (Ithaca)

  • Martha Robertson, Former Tompkins County Legislator Chair (Dryden)

  • Irene Stein, State Democratic Committee Vice Chair, former Tompkins County Democratic Committee Chair, and former Democratic Rural Conference Chair

  • Don Barber, Former Town Supervisor (Caroline)

  • Dominic Frongillo, Former Deputy Town Supervisor (Caroline)

  • Ruth Hopkins, Former Town Board Member (Lansing)

  • Dan Lamb, Deputy Town Supervisor (Dryden)

  • Tim Murray, Deputy Town Supervisor (Caroline)

  • Jim Skaley, Town Board Member (Dryden)

  • Leonardo Vargas-Mendez, Town Board Member (Dryden)

  • Irene Weiser, Former Councilperson (Caroline)

  • Joe Wetmore, Town Board Member (Lansing)

  • Nancy Zahler, FormerTown Supervisor (Ulysses)

  • Robert Cantelmo, Ithaca City Councilmember

  • Jeff Furman, Former Ithaca City School Board Member

  • Ducson Nguyen, Ithaca City Councilmember


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